Photo Gallery

If you would like to have a photo of your pet wearing our products included on this page please email us your photos. We'd love to share them!

Summer in her cool coat
Roger in his raincoat
Leah and Mingo in their his n' hers collars
IMG00292-20120610-1305.jpg image by HouseofEarl  IMG00293-20120610-1306.jpg image by HouseofEarl

Handsome TOMMY in his Chilean trim collar          Sweet KAWAII in her Candy  Cane collar

Princess SUMMER  in her Cool-Down coat            RAZ relaxing on his Travel Mat        SERVER in his new winter coat

CHUCKIE in his new winter coat                   ROXY and ANGEL ROLLY

Suzanne's Ladies in their Pj's      DANTE in his 4 legged Pj's              ROCCO in his coat

The Baynham crew in their Sweater PJ's       ANGEL Misty in her Pocket Coat


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